General Goals of User-Friendly Web Content (Best Practices)

What to do with content:
Get to the point... as quickly as possible.
Ask a simple question: "Who cares" then cut out unnecessary information. 
Use easy-to-understand, shorter, common words and phrases.
Avoid long paragraphs and sentences.
With Web Design Less is More. Make it easy for customers to find the information. Use pictures, videos, avatars, even numbers to get your point across.
Keep your website current. Be sure it reflects what you currently do or sell and make sure keywords are still relevant. Back To Top
What to do with headings:
Before writing a post, consider organizing your thoughts in logical chunks by first outlining what you'll write.

Use simple and concise headings. 

Use keyword-rich headings to aid skimming, as well as those that use their browser's search feature (Ctrl + F on Windows, Command + F on Mac).  Back To Top

What you can do to help readers:
Make the first two words count, because users tend to read the first few words of headings, titles and links when they're scanning a webpage.
Front-load keywords in webpage titles, headings and links by using the passive voice as an effective writing device.
Use the inverted pyramid writing style to place important information at the top of your articles. Back To Top
Use bulleted lists and text formatting:
Consider breaking up a paragraph into bulleted points.
Highlight important information in bold and italics. back. Back To Top
What to do for text blocks:
Evaluate your webpages' typography for spacing issues and then modify your site's CSS as needed. Back To Top
What to do with hyperlinks:

One big advantage of web-based content is our ability to use hyperlinks. The proper use of hyperlinks can aid readability.

When you visit your website did your Web Designer make it easy to navigate. If not, pick up the phone, your customers won't find it any easier than you did.

Make sure your Web Designer understands that you want your visitors to easily find what they are looking for. Hyperlinks and proper layout are key.
Re-Designs should take days not weeks. Back To Top
What to do images:
Make sure images you use aid or support textual content
Avoid stock photos and meaningless visuals
Be sure to include "Alt Text" so your pics can be indexed by search engines. Back to Top
What to do videos:

Make sure videos are part of your website and SEO Strategy
Create accounts in youtube and vimeo and others, Google video websites
Be sure to include complete descriptions of your videos including keywords and metatag info when available. Back To Top