About Us

At American Made Websites we are committed to design and create beutiful and impactful websites designed to reach the goals your company has in mind. We have 6 main areas of expertise: Website Design & Website Building, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Branding, Social Media Marketing, Photography & Video, Photo/Video Editing. As a business owner it's important to keep web design and building costs down. Costs can climb quickly when you are paying separate companies for separate services. We can save your company money by bundling needed services and eliminating services you don't need.

Our goal for you is simple. Design and build a website that impresses you, your friends and associates AND reaches your goal(s). 

AVMicro and American Made Websites partnered back in 2016. Darell Blanford is an accomplished IT Services Provider. Darell met Rob Biccum in 2015 because his office was next door to Robs office. Not building websites in 2016 Darell knew from conversations with Rob that he was experienced in designing and building websites. More importantly he had a record of getting several websites listed on page 1 of  the search engines including Google. So a deal was struck and Darell would focus on the IT Services part of the business and Rob would focus on the Website Design and Building. I (Rob) have designed and built this website for quick scanning to see if we meet your needs. Our services page outlines specifically what we do.

 To learn more about the web designer and how he started in web design click the "More" button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!