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Web Design and Build

There will be no doubt before we get started on your new website exactly why we are building your site, what your goals are, and how you can measure the results.

Then we get down to business. We dedicate 2 full-days to collecting
quality content in pictures, videos, targeted key words and detailed information we need to build your site. Yes you can still work during this process, lol. 

We do all the work. You won't be expected to take photos, write copy or update your website.

Your website will be based on our site visit and any information you have provided through other channels like email, snail mail, texts and phone calls. We use website best practices to build our websites.

We will be sure to update you on our progress so we can make necessary corrections. When the site is done, with your approval, we will upload your site to the internet.

Being found is key and your website will already have a minimum of 10 targeted keywords. Now the search engines take over and begin ranking your site based on the targeted keywords and the relevance to viewer searches.

To compliment this we recommend having an external SEO ranking strategy and Social Media Marketing strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization

Good SEO starts when planning your website. Most good Web Designers will want to lay out the web pages in advance. There are solid, SEO friendly reasons, for doing this.

When your website content and corresponding web pages are "congruent" with the search terms used by your visitors your ranking is higher than those sites that didn't take the time to work through this step.

Nearly everything on your site can be optimized for SEO including pictures, videos and of course the written page content. Once this is accomplished and the site is published it immediately begins getting "crawled" by the search engines.

A website "Sitemap" is another key to good rankings on Google and other search engines.

The relatively new Robot.txt file is also critically important to SEO.

SEO is critically important and we have just touched the tip of the iceberg. Many websites, YouTube channels and books are devoted to this one subject.

Because SEO is so critically important it will be a subject of our many blogs on this site.

Keyword SEO is known as "internal SEO" and just finding the correct keywords to target can take several days of research and strategize.

External SEO involves other elements outside of your website. Such elements as articles, blogs, social media, photos and videos. All can enhance the rankings of your website and provide your readers more evidence they can trust you.

Content Curation

Thorough website content is important to the success of any website. Based on your website goals we create the content for each page leaving you free to work your business.

We can also go beyond the website and create relevant articles, blog posts, press releases and storyboards that meet your specific goals.

All our content is SEO optimized, from on-site written text, to pictures and videos. Off-Site content such as articles, blogs, social media, pictures and videos are all optimized for SEO.


Branding is something a lot of people have been thinking about for the past several years. That is, branding as it pertains to their on-line presence.

For years branding has been done to keep companies "top of mind" through traditional channels. Typically, Television, magazines and newspapers.

Fast forward to 2017 and the choices businesses and individuals have, to build their legacy, can be overwhelming. In addition, with the plethora of channels out there, care must be taken with your on-line presence to create the image you want to project. Our content across all platforms like your website, social media, blogs and articles is packaged to reinforce your brand, ALWAYS!

Let's get specific. Branding is being top-of-mind that will never change.

Our new-found control over the media has changed. Television is not the go to source for entertainment for our young people. On their phones constantly, you will need a strategy to reach them.

We understand each demographic and we have a plan for you!
Give us a call 1-(760) 628-6382


Social media is a key component to website promotion and SEO. Someone accountable for results on social media sites.

We will manage that for you at considerable savings over a full-time in-house SEO/Social Media Manager. Topping 80K per year for a good dedicated SEO/Social Media Manager is not feasible for many businesses.

Regular, consistent posting of articles, pictures, videos, slideshows that are relevant to your brand is key. Know where to start, having a plan of action, and getting the phone to ring is our approach.

Likes and shares are a start but there are a lot of frustrated business owners that have significant likes and share activity but little to no phone calls.
We know how to get your phone to ring.


Quality photography can make a big impression on potential clients. Have you noticed, for example, newer websites are leveraging both pictures and videos when you hit their websites. Customers are more engaged on sites like this and as they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words" Now imagine replacing some of your pictures and website page backgrounds with video.

Like we see on television commercials. Re-designs of existing websiteS is leading to building entirely new websites to take advantage of this trend.

Business owners know that gaining their clients trust is key to getting them to buy your products or services. A good first step is to lead by example. If you sell a quality product and get a quality price be sure the pictures and videos used on your marketing channels reflect quality.

Sometimes this can be as simple as a nice well thought out picture or scene on a well thought out Website or Landing Page.

Clients, like it or not, are more demanding than ever. They expect to find the information they need, to make a buying decision, at their fingertips on their smart phone or tablet.

Quality pictures and videos are mandatory today.  

Our Services

To make our clients life easier, and ours, we offer all the services needed to build an engaging, beautiful, impactful website under one roof.

We also offer additional services that will keep your brand and company name in front of more people more often. 

If you need additional information or would like to schedule an appointment please reach out by giving us a call!