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About Us

At American Made Websites we are committed to design our websites to be:

- Impactful! 
- Able to Reach Your Goals!

We have 6 principal areas of expertise:

- Website Design & Website Building
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Content Curation
- Branding
- Social Media Management
- Photography/Videography.

As a business owner, it's important to keep web design and building costs down. Costs can climb quickly when you are paying separate companies for separate services. We keep costs down by offering all the services you need and eliminating services you don't.

Our Goal is Simple!

- Design and build a website that impresses you, your friends and associates, and reaches your goal(s).

About Rob

I am passionate about website design and the results it can achieve for both business and individuals.

Where to start about me? How far back to you want to go? Let's start after leaving college. I was hired right away by IBM and served in an administrative technical capacity for one of their many marketing branch offices. Yes, we were on the front lines and we were crazy busy. Very early I decided that I was going to learn as much as I could about computers while working for such a big and competent company. I did. I worked for them from 1983 until 1990, just prior to their, 1st ever, layoff - over 130,000 employees.

Most recently I have moved back to, what I consider, my "Home Town", Apple Valley, CA. Growing up here during my Middle School and High School years was an amazing experience. I was fortunate enough to have a motorcycle and riding is something we did as a family. I still ride today and my son is quite a good rider. You can still find me at the racetrack on weekends or on a desert trail. Keeps me healthy and gives me enough adrenaline for the week ahead.

When the internet hit in 1991 I was hooked. I started my own website straight away. Selling fishing lures on-line. Problem was I was too successful. I only carried one brand of plastic swim bait. Well the production couldn't keep up and I was not interested in selling what everyone else was selling so I went to work for a friend.

After several years outside the computer industry, about the year 2000, I moved my family to Northern California. It took me another 5 years before I decided to get into website building and SEO. Truly a terrific experience it was more of a hobby than a business and I worked for friends and built websites and got them on page 1 of Google.

I learned a lot, and now I offer website design and building through my company, American Made Websites. We not only create beautiful websites but also build these websites to take advantage of the changing SEO, and social media landscapes. Of course, along the way we have picked up some additional skills like branding, photography and videography and content curation.

While most website companies charge you separately for all these services we have decided we will include them at no extra charge. Of course, not everyone needs all the services we provide. Depending on your goals, the resources required to make a beautiful, impactful website will determine the price. The only way we can know how we can help you is to have a conversation. Call us at (760)-628-6382 to get the ball rolling. Our Contact Form will also reach us, please include as much information about your needs and expected results as possible.